Growing up, I have always been insecure about my belly ,my flabby arms and cheeks. I keep asking myself, why am I so fat? My butt doesn’t seem to get bigger (my height, oh boy, I don’t wanna talk about it) .

I start to work out ; I see no progress then I give up. I stressed myself out, reduced my food ration, ate fruits, nuts and vegetables, sometimes not eating at all just so I could slim down. Guess what? I did not lose weight. Instagram and YouTube became my friends. Always watching videos and reading what people did to loose weight. It’s crazy. Nothing worked.

One day something caught my eye; while looking at my old photos, which were taken months back. I looked normal, not ‘fat’ like I thought. Just me! And there I was, hating on myself .

I hated me for not seeing progress after all the jogging and abs exercises. For all the right eating I did and still had a double chin. What , kind of life is this? . ‘What if humans can be edited?’ I thought. Hmmm,yep, is called plastic surgery and is that the best solution?

You being angry with your body did not start from you. It started way before you were born. It started with you being teased about having a big head, or skinny legs or big ears, the list goes on and on. It started with the world defining a standard of beauty and we are expected to abide by. Absent mindedly, these standards are projected on and by us.

Yesterday, everyone wanted to be slim, today every one wants a ‘fat ass’, ‘fat lips’ or ‘bigger boobs’. It has become so bad , people now fight for rights to their own bodies . Its crazy, how self love has to be preached because someone out there doesn’t find themselves to be enough so they want to commit suicide or ”edit” it.

Sometimes you need to look at the man/woman in the mirror. Admire his/her smile, admire his/her body. Pose, kiss yourself ,wear the dress you feel shy to wear cos you know that skinny leg would pop out and walk out to feel the breeze. “GOD MAKES NO MISTAKES”.

You are beautiful just the way you are. Funny as it may sound, somebody wished they had your body. They wished they were slim/chubby like you, they wished they had the gap between your front teeth, those big eyes….

See the beauty in you, acknowledge the beauty in you, adore yourself, you deserve it cos YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Martha Dokyi

just a crazy billionaire


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