A spanking good time

So, let me start by saying that we all have different ideas of what “having fun” means to us…
To some, it’s about good, quality time with friends.
To others, it’s about getting “high” on something.
There’s also the getaways, clubbing and many others. Which of these have I tried before? Well, I’ve had good times with friends but I can assure you I’ve not been high on anything; at least not yet.
Clubbing? Let me tell you about my first (and only) club experience. So we were a group of friends who went on a trip to another city for a wedding. After the wedding we decided to go for an after party somewhere in town. You know how in every group there is a particular guy who is just the dull guy? Your typical “jon guy”? I know what you’re thinking and… nope! I’m not that guy.
Apparently, this our dull guy had been to the club before and I hadn’t. I was all in!
So we got to the club and there were other friends so, we got talking and having a few drinks. I was having a good chat with one of my lady friends and she asked me to have a dance with her. Of course, I said yes and we stepped onto the dancefloor. Apparently, my idea of dancing with a lady in the club was totally different. So I faced her and was dancing and she played along for a while. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. She turned and started grinding on me. “Okay, what is going on here?” That was exactly what I asked myself. Oh! it didn’t end there, she held my hands and took them places they’ve never been, it’s not that deep people, get your minds out of the gutter! Another lady friend came to take over with the intention of giving me lessons. She went down with me while grinding and it was a wonderful experience (Depending on who is reading this. If you are my parish priest then stop reading immediately). I got the drift of the whole club dancing and went with the flow, plus yes, I enjoyed myself.
The next day I called my childhood female buddy who has been trying to get me to go clubbing but didn’t succeed. I told her I finally made it to the club and she almost peed her pants.
Do I want to go clubbing again? Definitely a yes!
Why? Because I wasn’t ready the first time…
I know what you are thinking and the answer is still no! I’m not the dull guy in the group. Hopefully my friends think same too.

Written by: Lytle

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