Clean up your “mess”

There is always that guy in every office who thinks he knows more than everyone else, even in other departments. That guy is why you are reading this today. So, this young man comes to speak to my boss about how we run our office even though he doesn’t belong in my department. Let’s just say I’m a reasonable man and I can accept suggestions about my work. Anything to push the business is fine by me but his suggestion just didn’t make sense. And the most annoying part is the fact that his suggestion meant more work for me. We tried his way for a week and there was absolutely no result. By the second week, I had killed this guy several times in my head for suggesting something that wasn’t working and giving me extra work. I had to take a break from this tideous work to use the washroom and guess who came out of the washroom when I got there? My very good friend, “Mr all knowing.”

You might want to skip this part if you often get disgusted by almost everything…
I entered the washroom after him only to find out this guy didn’t flush after he used the WC.
“Wait oo boss, please come and clean your mess.”
He enters the washroom to clean that mess but tries to explain himself even though I didn’t ask any question. So I looked closely at him with an evil smile and said, “Chief, learn how to clean your own mess before you attempt to even clean someone else’s mess especially if it’s not your department.”
At this point I think he got the message in two parts.

Now, just so we are clear (the reader and writer) the reason I went to the washroom was for No.1
At that point, I was already traumatized by what I had seen in there and I didn’t even feel like using the washroom anymore so I went back to my seat in the office.

I sat down and looked at my boss…
“Guess what boss, I’ve got a wonderful African proverb for you which my great grandfather told my father.”
My boss was all ears.
So I continued, “A man who is not capable of cleaning his own mess should not be allowed to clean someone else’s mess.”

But hey, it’s technically true anyway you decide to look at it, even in the washroom.

Written by: Emmanuel Ossom (Lytle)

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