expressPay: The “Yaw” Of All Trades

Times have changed and things are not as they used to be. 24 hours is just not enough to do everything and be everywhere but at the end of the day, funds need to be moved into accounts, airtime should be received, that mechanic needs to get paid, the Surfline has to get data and if you forget to pay for the DStv, you might not get that kiss tonight.

There has to be the Jack of all trades or rather the “Yaw” of all trades in an industry where movement of funds can take ages. We can all admit that we are tired of the queues. We can also admit that we forget to pay the bills sometimes; maybe most of the time. When it becomes very frustrating, we start making wishes; “I wish I could send him money from home” or “I wish I could pay for my broadband from the office” and in the middle of the night when you are on the phone and you hear “you have one minute remaining” ……….

What if you could send that money from home or pay for your broadband at the office or even purchase airtime in the middle of the night by making a few taps on your phone? Take control of these situations with expressPay.

expressPay gives you power to simply transfer funds from one bank account to another, as well as make payment at anytime and anywhere in Ghana. All you need is your Visa card, MasterCard. Top up for all the major networks in Ghana and pay for your DStv, Gotv, Surfline, Vodafone broadband, ECG postpaid and many others.

If you don’t have a Visa card or MasterCard there is absolutely nothing to worry about. You can use your mobile money wallet to perform all these transactions without any hustle. Imagine what you can do with multiple cards or wallets on this amazing platform.

What if you are on vacation in any part of the world but you have to pay for services for family and friends back home in Ghana? expressPay is definitely your answer. With this application on your phone, you know it’s time to have some fun. So, go on and watch all the football matches with your friends, download more videos with smiles, have long phone conversations with confidence and enjoy uninterrupted power supply. This is music to the ears.

That’s not all, expressPay gives you the chance to pay for goods and services on various platforms such as Tonaton, and the rest. Proven Track Record? Ask MTN, Vodafone, MultiChoice, Hillburi, SOS HGIC, Enterprise Insurance, etc. they will tell you how simple payments have become with expressPay.

So, don’t forget to give a thumbs up to expressPay when you see the billboards or hear the radio ads or even when you are on social media. expressPay is the “Yaw” of all trades in the electronic payment industry.

Written by: Emmanuel Ossom

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