From my heart

From my heart

So much the heart wants to say but who to talk to?
Attention and comfort is needed when one loses someone. I lost my dad on November 7 2018 . If I could turn the hands of time, I wouldn’t have gone to check on my passport that day and called them that evening as I usually did.
Life felt meaningless and my hope was lost. How could someone I spoke to that morning pass on without saying goodbye? My dad meant so much to me; he was a friend I could easily talk to . When you saw me with my dad it was almost like a brother and a sister. My dad was a hard worker even after he had fallen sick ( stroke and coma). He looked for opportunities for him to earn money. I wish I had paid much attention to how he run his electrical company.

After his death, we witnessed the true behaviour of relatives. My dad loved his sister very much and they spoke almost everyday. Being the eldest, he had to abandon certain things so that everyone else could be at a good place in life. How do I know this? We talked a lot. When it came to interior decor, he had the eye for arrangement, design and he liked buying a lot; from kitchenware to toiletries and general items. That had always been his weakness. Not forgetting his love for good meals; always emphasizing his green leaves in his meals.

My dad always said he was a hustler. You would appreciate it when you saw the small town he came from and with what he had achieved.

My advice generally is to evaluate those who are close to you; both friends and relatives. So many surprises, friends distanced themselves. Some relatives who were very close inflicted so much pain in my heart, my sister and mother’s heart as well. My mom was accused of killing my dad. How? Someone she had lived with for 26 years. I guess in Ghana we always attribute something which has happened to someone. Where I come from, when someone dies you pass by where he lived for the last time before burial but my dad’s body was taken and sent to a relative’s place without passing by his own house which he suffered so many years to build.
Please get close to your parents, ask questions because life is too short. Ask of documents of properties, location and will. Just for you to have the upper hand in situations just in case anything happens. I wish I could change the hands of time but reality hits hard . The pain is great because I am not able to share this with anyone. It’s really difficult for people to understand you unless they have been through the same thing. I’m still talking to God; He knows everything .
I have been toughen and I do not worry over certain things anymore. God is and has always been my strength!


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