Life in a smile

We all might have heard this before, it’s old, it’s cheesy but works most often than not. So, I walked into an interview room for the first time in my life at 25, holding nothing but just a degree. I was nervous and confidence wasn’t my strongest asset but that smile was undeniably on my team. I walked in to meet three panelists, two indifferent and one already looking like she hated my gut for a reason I was yet to find. I sat and for the next 45 minutes, the tough questions concerning all aspects of my life were thrown at me. I kept calm surprisingly and no matter how tough the questions were, the smile was unfailing. I know I did the least in that interview; I could just tell. At the end of the interview, the one who looked like she hated me asked me if I had no problems in life because I kept smiling. I spread an even wider grin and thought… if only she knew. The other panelist looked me straight and said; all through the interview we’ve thrown the hardest of questions at you but all you did was throw back a smile and an answer which probably didn’t make sense.
Long story short, I got the slot with 5 others among 100 candidates. People might take your smile to mean weakness, some might read it in as many negative ways you wouldn’t have imagined, but always have in mind, at least they’ll remember you as the individual whose smile is unflinching.

By Setty


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