Locked Away

I anchored my love in the farthest depth of the Ocean. The Piranhas tore it to shreds. Just when I thought all hope was lost, your flare found it’s way into my shell, burning a thousand times hotter than the sun. It’s intense heat moulding my heart back to shape. I could feel my blood running at a rate the speedometer couldn’t read. That golden smile which can bring life into the skeleton of the ‘Mummy’ found it’s way to my face. When I look at you I feel your eyes staring at my soul. If staring at you would lead me to the forbidden forest I would have found the sacred pot of love no one ever laid eyes on. I could go on and on but reality hit me so hard my boat capsized on that harsh stormy sea. I felt my blood rushing out of my heart fearing to evaporate before the fiery news of you being someone else’s man. That moment the Seaman knows giving up his treasure to the pirates was the ticket to another day of seeing the sun set, I gave up in that instant.

There was another Eve? How did I miss that? All I could ask was, “why?”. Little drops of water make a mighty Ocean but I already had the Ocean flowing through my eyes breaking all bridges connecting us. I was in denial, knowing I had landed at the bottom of the love pit I fell into and with no escape plan. I had to be sure for myself. Whatever happened when I saw you was something I was ready to face judgement for. Talking about the other woman and finding my way out of your maze was the plan. Then it happened, the words needed to describe that feeling does not exist. I could feel my relaxing spirit floating on the water under the unforgiving heat of the blazing sun. That cold-warmth feeling I wished would last for eternity. At that moment I felt everything was right, no distractions, no second thoughts…

The question I ask myself now is, should I be selfish and push to get what I want? or should I bury my treasure in the deepest part of the ocean where no being would ever find?… Well, the path I find myself on will be the answer to that.

Written by: Esinam Akuwa Mansa

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