Make it stop ✋

Before I start, this is not a sad story, I got over it a very long time ago. I’m just sharing to help others know they have the will to stop it and walk out. So, here goes nothing…

When I was much younger, probably 6 or 7 years old, I was being touched inappropriately by my older cousin. We were quite close with my dad’s extended family members, so much that we used to spend a lot of vacations with them. We all slept in the living room every time. My cousin came to my bed every evening and touched me in my lady parts, at that age it was all tickly for me. I didn’t really understand what he was doing because I was always sleeping and I loved my sleep. I just left him to do whatever he wanted, the details are quite blurry if I’m to be honest. This went on for a very long time.

Fast forward, my parents got separated so I didn’t spend so much time with my dad’s extended family members anymore. About two or three years later, I begun to understand what some touches meant. I visited again after about two or three years. This time it was broad daylight, I was laying face down on a small bed on the floor while he was on the bigger bed. I felt palms tracing up my inner knee up to my thigh to God knows where. I just moved, looked at him and got out of the room. To be honest, my confidence wasn’t that perked at that age. If I had the confidence I have today, I’d have slapped the temptation out of his entire system. ????? But I just stepped out without a word. He probably sensed I’d tell my mom or dad, so he went ahead to “chook” himself to his older sister who in turn came to talk to me and pleaded that I don’t tell anyone. Of course it worked, I didn’t and the good thing is, he never tried that nonsense again. Good for him.

He visited me one time in University and apologized for his actions, 10 or 12 years ago. I was way over it as at the time. I was able to get over it on my own, some aren’t. You need to talk to someone about it, you need to get over it because being touched by someone you love is a great feeling, you don’t want to meet the right person and be disgusted by his or her sensual touch. You have the will to stop that abuse. I know there are exceptional cases where there’s nothing you can do to stop it, but even with that you can and you must report them to the right people for help. Don’t be like me and keep quiet, let your parents know, let the authorities know. Such perverts deserve no empathy or second chances. Walk out of that room, scream, grab his balls and squeeze as hard as possible, with all your might.

It’s not that I’m promoting violence, but we need to take care of ourselves too??

With love,

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