Please be nice

Let’s talk about that thing called depression. You would hear people saying something along the lines of… “We all go through life encountering many problems and challenges and it gets to that point where there is just no energy or motivation to move on.” I guess that is pretty true. I think the worse part is that we never get to talk about it because it’s a sign of weakness and if you are even a grown arse man, friends would just laugh about it.

Hey, have you ever wondered that someone may be going through something and could end it all just because you were not sensitive enough or you are the king of mockery? Yet when you hear in the news that a man or lady committed suicide you are the first to speak about life as if it really mattered. But what did you do when that friend openly said that he had his heart broken? You laughed and made fun of him.

Keeping up appearances, that’s what we all do each and every day because we have to go to jobs and churches and the other meeting places where we can’t share what we truly feel and are in a hurry to get away from the noise. The day ends and it doesn’t get any better by night.

People who are suffering emotionally are on the streets; they sit in the same buses looking down on their phones. They are at your workplace; distracting themselves with the paperwork. They are the friends you hang out with; cheering and getting drunk. It is that person sitting beside you in church; hoping that the man of God will find the right words to lift his spirit. He is probably you; reading this right now.

The world would be a better place if we could all care more. Be that person who makes life a lot easier for others to live. Cheers!

Written by: Emmanuel Ossom

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