Pretty Girls Play Rugby League

The PGPRL is a campaign organized by the RLFG to tackle the stereotyping of sports ladies especially those involved in Rugby League.

Sports women have always been tagged with what we call in our local Ga language as “Kankpe”.
There’s always been this misconception that sports women are always not so good looking and are sometimes even tagged as tom boys. This discourages a lot of females from getting involved in sports.

There are so many females out there who would love to play sports but choose not to do so because of the stereotyping.

According to Rachel Ankomah, Women’s Rugby League Coordinator, she believes it is about time we deal with the stereotypes and encourage more ladies to participate in sports, especially Rugby League.

“Rugby League is fun and it’s good for everybody, regardless of stature, race or creed. Pretty girls can play Rugby League too,”she added.

The RLFG are in the process of developing Women’s rugby League in Ghana and they are hoping to have at least 4 female clubs by 2021.

In the mean time, they have a few ladies who are interested in learning and a few who can play, thanks to the recent UG interhalls rugby league.

“Rugby League has come to stay in Ghana and as such we will make sure that our female counter parts also get the edge to play alongside their male counterparts. We will support the women’s committee to ensure female rugby league is a reality ” – Jafaru Awudu Mustapha (General Manager)

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