After Bulls RLFC and Ghana Skolars dominating the January and February RLFG 9s tournament, the unexpected pandemic brought it to a stand still.
The dismay by the pandemic’s effects and the ban on all sporting activities sabotaged the remaining 10 months editions of the very talked about 9s series. The last Sunday of every month as planned for the event could no longer hold.

Bulls RLFC and Ghana Skolars’ dominance in the only two editions denied a table top seat for Accra Panthers who were comfortable in a 3rd place honor in both editions and Ghana Pirates who swept the ground of the table in all two events.

The 2021 RL sporting calendar promises a bulky but dutifully firm events and activities all year round.
The RL 9s still holds its pride as it is tabled to run for 9 months out of the 12 months calendar. The novenary series of events will be witnessed in the first or second month of the selected months as proposed by the Rugby League Federation Ghana.

At 1:00pm prompt on January 17 2021, the University of Ghana Rugby Field will host the first edition.

‘With five clubs instead of the original four, I for see more games, more intriguing moments and more display of rugby League made from Ghana’, the General Manager of RLFG, Jafaru Mustapha has said.
Tender foots Nungua Tigers, will have their name on the RL fixtures for the first time. The 5th Male Rugby Club was established this year amidst the threatening pandemic. A valuable pose and message to competitors this could be.

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