The Corona virus pandemic frown on sporting activities throughout the world in the greater part of 2020 may hopefully see discontinuity in the year ahead.

RLFG while receiving an equal share on the adverse effects of the pandemic, still kept its ahead above water to come through with innovative programs carefully designed to suit all the pandemic protocols being observed globally.

The few which could materialize among the many planned at the end of the previous year are the Flagship 9s Series in January and February, The breat Cancer awareness program which tickled the interest of Corporate Ghana and the media alike, the pulling down of a one gender sport with the introduction of the the women’s rugby league, the warily creation of the youth rugby league, obtaining affiliate member status of the International Rugby League Federation, RL boundaries extended into the military academy, and a fulfilling stand taken by the RLFG women’s coordinator in some IRLF appointments.

Be that as it may, the 9s series took a bow after the second month while the 13s never saw a drop kick; resulting from the ban on all sporting activities.

With a much hopeful year ahead, RLFG has positioned itself to serve all within and outside the fraternity with an excessively ornate and embellished activities and events. Development remains the pivot of all efforts and actions of the Federation.

Outlined below are some exclusive events to be held in the coming year:

  • Introduction of RL to most Educational Institutions
  • Introduction of RL into Zongo communities
  • 9s Series
  • 13s League
  • Love Touch Tournament
  • International Friendlies
  • Blood Donation
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Program
  • Turn Over Weekends

RLFG anticipates making significant strides in extending the reach and knowledge of the sport in the coming season.

The General Manager, Jafar Mustapha has voiced out his confidence and hope he has in the coming year. ‘2021is an action packed year which promises lots of fun. We pray all stakeholders bring on their A-game to realize the dream of becoming full members of IRL by 2023. I can’t wait for the calendar season to begin’, he iterated.

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