Chalking many indicators with regards to progress in development, the Rugby League Federation Ghana has officially denied itself a one gender sport. In a ceremony on the 15th November, 2020, the Federation launched 5 women’s clubs to commence the active involvement of women in rugby league.

History written, progress made and hopes kept alive, the General Manager of the Federation has iterated this progress as a foot in the door approach.
“We have always believed we will always move a step towards our vision once we keep our efforts focused on our development. The structures we have drawn within and our hardworking members keep itching for progress and a worthwhile development experience”.

In all activities before this feat, the few females in the Federation got along with the male clubs and their participation got declining due to the unavailability of competitions for women.

With a significant theme of this sort, much attention was paid to develop Women’s Rugby League. From the Board and Management to the Committee Heads, Scholars’ Rachael Ankomah was appointed in a prime focus to give firstly a voice to women.
Moving towards the agenda, a campaign was adopted and launched in July 2020 as “Pretty Girls Play Rugby League”.
It took the right direction as many got informed and many more got involved.

Until the launch of the women’s clubs, RLFG female division had increased its membership from 10 to an encouraging 43, signifying a possibility for women’s competitions to be included in the Federation’s sporting calendar.

The Coordinator, Rachael Ankomah has given a brief account on the journey thus far and notable amongst it read, “Training officially started on the 8th of October for the ladies.
In November, it was decided by the committee of the female Division to allocate clubs to all the ladies through a balloting, adopting the names of the existing male clubs.

The managers of the various clubs, the executives of the Federation and the players in an official launch, had all the 43 ladies allocated to 1 of the 5 existing clubs”.
The Coordinator has further urged the history makers of the women’s division to preserve the sport and to keep the charge of progress. She has further on called on support for logistics to make steady progress.

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