Rugby League Championship ’21: New Entrants Threaten A Take Over

May 23 to July 4, 2021, will see The Legon Rugby Field host the 2nd edition of the Rugby League Championship after the maiden in 2019.

The upcoming edition by fixture and participation poses to be a more exciting one as new entrants and new categories get welcomed.
Aside Nungua Tigers who will be featuring in the 4 club men championship, RLFG has newly introduced the women and youth categories.
The campaign that saw the uprise in participation in Women’s Rugby League in Ghana; Pretty Girls Play Rugby League, makes the upcoming Women’s Rugby League Championship well-grounded and set to sail. Accra Panthers, Ghana Skolars and Nungua Tigers will cross swords in the Women’s category.
2019 Champions, Bulls RLFC with 1st and 2nd Runners up, Ghana Scholars and Accra Panthers will welcome Nungua Tigers in the Men’s category.
Though, having competed and being bullied by existing teams in competitions held a while ago, Nungua Tigers have maintained a firm posture of a hopeful take over in the RL Championship.

Jonas Moorkaar, President and coach of Accra Panthers shared his take on the upcoming tournament; “As a coach, nothing can make me prouder than knowing my players gave their best with what I taught them. Let this 2021 season be a display of talent, skill and growth of all my players in the league”.

“The inclusion of the youth and the ladies in this edition is something to write home about. This year promises a bigger better Rugby League. May the best teams win”General manager, Jafaru Mustapha added.

Moreover, RLFG’s Development Plan which initiates the Youth Championship with Two and First-Ever participants; African Warriors and Firm Foundation, will bring thrills to the entire championship.

RLFG will stream live all matches in a way of observing the covid 19 protocols.

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