Rugby League Federation; Elected Committees

The Rugby League Federation of Ghana has announced the reappointment of Farouk Nana Prempeh as the President of the Federation.
After successfully organising the University of Ghana inter-halls competition, the first ever standard thirteen league and taking Ghana to it’s first international tournament in Nigeria, the Ashanti Royal from Kumasi was handed a second tenure.

The board had acknowledged the growth of the game and adopted a new Constitution to further lead on good governance and to allow new stakeholders to participate and provide support to the game to allow it grow to the next stage. Other elected persons to assist and continue this wonderful job include, Mr Gordon Fraser (Vice President),Jafaru Awudu Mustapha (General Secretary), Kareem Captan (Treasurer) and three members; newly appointed Mr Wisdom Geotrah, Alhaji Issaka Ibrahim and Remond Safi who are temporarily appointed up to 12 months to provide assistance in the new phase of good governance.

Nana Prempeh stated that he is honoured and privileged to have been re-elected for the second time to preside over the board of the Rugby League Federation Ghana, “we are going through a new phase of our growth and it’s important we allow further input from our stakeholders to add to our future growth”.

Nana Prempah assured Ghanaians that he and his newly-elected RLFG board is committed to youth, university, club and international competitions in moving the games forward as well as the development of the sport in other regions in Ghana.

Newly elected member and Real Estate Developer, Mr Wisdom Geotrah had this to say about his appointment as a member of the RLFG: “Whilst much has been achieved over the last few years, there remains many exciting challenges ahead and I look forward to working with my fellow board members to continue growing rugby league both domestically and internationally.”

In other developments, the board has appointed the following persons to chair the following committees;

Mr. Jafaru Awudu Mustapha (Development Manager), Mr. Emmanuel Akuklu (Assistant Development Manager), Mr. Marshall Nortey (Officiating/Tertiary Committee), Mr Collins Ofosu (Youth Rugby League Coordinator), Ms Rachel Ankomah (Women Rugby League Coordinator), Mr Oko Djanie (Marketing), Ms Hilaria Wuaku (Communication), Dr Philans Ankrah (Head, Medical Team), Mr Riddick Alibah (Head, competitions, Events and Programs), Mr. Richard Boadi (Finance Head).
Speaking on the various appointments, Development Manager, Jafaru Awudu Mustapha said
“We are very pleased to be called to service our sports in our various capacities. We promise to give off our best and to stick with the strategic plan that provides the guidance needed to grow the sport”.

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