The 21st Century God is against us

There is a God up there who is all knowing, all powerful, all of everything. We all probably know this God.
A God whose picture has been painted;
He is the God of the 10 commandments, waiting to count my sins
He is the God of purity, who questions my human nature

So, where is the God of love? who overlooks all wrongs…
Where is the God of fun? Who understands the youthfulness in my nature…
Where is the God of ice creams, Netflix and Facebook?

Is He the God of multiple personalities? That, we may never find the words to answer.

This God is against us and we are no where near this picture painted by these “men of the God”

If there is a 21st Century God out there, who understands and accepts the rest of us for who we are…
If you find this God, tell him that I’m on facebook, instangram, whatsapp and twitter… waiting to have a chat with Him.

By Emmanuel Ossom

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