Say hello to Dennis, an energetic, young and hardworking man; good at his work and never takes bribe, even in a bribe prone Country and Continent. He is that guy who doesn’t make mistakes when it comes to his job. You’re probably wondering why Dennis’ work and attitude are being discussed here. Well, let me get to it. A man shows up at our Department one working day, has a good chat with the other members of the Department and decides to drop something small for the boys for their service and dedication. Everyone accepts this generosity except for my good friend, Dennis. He turns it down stating how he doesn’t accept “bribe” for work done. This is highly impressive although I’m not entirely sure if we’re allowed to call this bribery but that’s discussion for another day.

Fast forward to close of day, I’m seated in Dennis’ car since we use the same route. We hit the road and he keeps raging about bribery and corruption blablabla blablabla (Of course, I didn’t have a choice but to listen and agree with him but please, God, make him stop??? ). In my mind I’m thinking, “He is such an honourable man”. In this same mind of mine, I’m also thinking God chose the wrong candidate to bless that day because not all the “boys” got “something small” due to Dennis’ comment earlier. The distribution of funds ended when Dennis’ unwarranted opinion ?? started. It was such an awkward moment and majority of the “boys” officially hate Dennis right now! Well, I’m just a young guy who is an intern and goodness knows I could have used some extra cash but…

So, we’re still driving home and I’m conscious of how he keeps jumping red lights and recklessly manoeuvring his way in traffic. I’m quite stunned at his actions and I’m viewing him in a different light now. To this man, he sees no harm or wrong in jumping the red light but acknowledges how bad bribery and corruption are… Being real though, we’re all like him. I won’t even bother asking if we are or are not. Choosing what sin or law is comfortable for us to break but point out the sins of others just because we are not involved in that particular kind of sin probably at that particular time.

I guess this is what hypocrisy looks like but who am I to even judge? I am no different and neither are you.

By: Emmanuel Ossom (Lytle)

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