The Heart’s Uncertainties

I feel incomplete
My heart shattered
My eyes swollen from tears
With a deep longing feeling to be comforted
Even the sun is frowning and clouds crying
The earth dark with all the hurt
I feel the drumbeat of my heart
I can’t take it anymore
The hurt, pain and sorrow
I ask myself what happened
Where did the smiles and laughter go?
But I’m assured that a new beginning would rise
A new beginning when the sun would shine
And my radiant smile shall be restored.

Dark Moments

Love and trust , these feelings are dangerous
Love and trust are like walking on the sea knowing you are going to drown
In the world of love and trust you need to let your defenses down
Love and trust are the highest risk of one’s life
In the world of love and trust you need to place all cards on the table
Many times in the past have I trusted
And many times have I been hurt
Many times have I showed love and care
And many times have I shed tears
My heart has been shattered
So tell me!
Do I take the risk?
Do I let everything go?
Can I love and trust someone yet again?
Is everything possible in the world of love and trust?

Written by…
Derby Asuma

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