It is said that God works in mysterious ways and one of His mysteries is man.

God sent me a friend: a petite woman with a very big heart. She loves even when it is not reciprocated. A little kindness shown to her induces her to shower you with affection. She is a chatterbox; she could tell you stories from morning till evening. She would talk so much that sometimes, I would black out and forget that there is a conversation.

God sent me a friend; her eyes spoke more than her mouth ever could. In them much is buried, things she would rather not say. So she covers her dimly lit eyes with a bright smile. “You need help just ask”, says the one that replies “I would be fine” in tumultuous times. Such a strong woman!

God sent me a friend. She would talk so much about the evil people done to her although she was kind. She repeated it so much, Lord I do not want to hear it anymore. She could talk about her fears so much, they haunted me. You need to get a life, I wished to tell her. But “do not worry, everything would be fine” sounds better.

God sent me a friend; one that is alone in a crowd. It seemed as though something is after her; what it is, she knows not. I asked her to say a prayer; “God help me” she said as she carried her burden from the altar. She seems afraid and broken; the journey through the tunnel has taken forever, no light in sight.

God sent me a friend. As I think deeply of this friend, a mirror is placed before me, in her I see myself.

I have fought with God, made strong requests for burden lightening then carried the burdens along. I told Him He is too slow, I would handle it myself. I hit the ground. When I go under, when it is too heavy to bear I ask why He is watching me suffer.

I am scared. I am scared of the unseen and the seen. Failure would now swallow me. And like my friend , my eyes scream pain but my body says I am a strong woman. I do not want to be strong anymore.

God sent me a friend. She is a beautiful petite woman holding a message from God: Let go and relax in the Lord. Trust ,obey and wait patiently on Him. Seek Him first and keep my eyes stuck on Him.

God sent me a friend and she is me.

Martha Dokyi

Edited by Ikechi Ochulo

Martha Dokyi

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