The year, in two halves

I woke up this morning, looked at the date on my phone and to my utter disbelief, it’s July. The first half of the year is over. wow!

Decorating the wall of my room this whole year has been that vision board. It stared at me as i got off the bed saying “I’m still here, how would you rate yourself?” I looked at it and had no answer.

I haven’t even achieved a single one of the things i put there and we are in July. Instead of losing weight and living healthy, I’ve rather gained more weight and eating wrong. I’m still behind and I’m not where i want to be with my engineering career. As for the entrepreneurship side, the least said the better. These are a few among the many on my vision board i haven’t achieved as of now. I felt disappointed in myself for a short moment. Then i asked myself, “why are you disappointed in yourself? Take a moment and go through this first part of the year”. So i did just that!

I revisited the beginning of the year; when i was jobless, to when i landed a job. Then, i started some courses and partook in some activities. I realised i had already attained 3 certificates this year. I also realised i had a lot of difficulties, tough times (like losing a close friend) and failures but i learnt to be strong during those times. I learnt to manage my time, my finances and be there for the people i care for. I learnt to still keep my faith and remain hopeful.

After this realisation, i decided there was no need for me to be dissapointed in myself but rather be proud of myself and be grateful for all i went through because it was a preparation period for what is to come.

Your first half of this year might have not gone as you hoped for but don’t be disappointed in yourself. Rather, be proud of yourself that you made it this far and be hopeful for this second part.
Disappointments and failures should make you stronger. Remember what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

All the best in this second half of the year!

Written by: Marina Agortimevor

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  • Manuela Eguakun says:

    I have been feeling exactly how you were feeling. The year seems to be going and I feel like I haven’t made any progress with so much. It’s funny how we don’t count certain things as progress simply because they aren’t huge milestones. We’re still moving, might be slow but at least we aren’t stagnant.
    Thanks for sharing. Really thank you.

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