It’s sad seeing the way we care less about each other’s well-being emotionally. Some of us are dying slowly but all we care about is how to feed off someone when their pocket is full. Do you know what I go through every single day? I am ever grateful to God for giving me the Grace to keep holding on. Our selfishness is overshadowing the real virtue we need to be happy, LOVE. I can’t judge anyone because we are all guilty. Do we really understand what friendship is? They all want something from you, but do they understand you properly, what you stand for, your family, values and morals? NO! I have decided not to take their actions to heart.

I pray for that same strength to show love and stay humble when I get there, where I want to be. I have no right to judge anyone, but a time will come when I speak, you will hear my voice even in your sleep. And you will be your own judge, as to whether you have been a friend or a foe. I pray for Grace to locate us, to open our eyes to see, our ears to hear and our hearts to believe that LOVE is key and to know that we need each other to help build a better home. May our friendship go beyond our selfish desires and let love and light lead us.

Written by: Esinam Akuwa Mansa

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