To the good old days

When was the last time you came across Ghanaian words like Poloo, Nkati3 cake and Agbeli kaklo? If you were born after the year, 2000, you might have to ask your parents about these names. They’d probably laugh at you but I’m sure you’ll eventually get your answer. For those of us who remember these from back in the day‚Ķ Well, good for us.

Say hello to Francisca Hayford, CEO of MILOQAL snack bar and she takes us to the good old days. The Miloqal experience definitely is about the days when we used to be excited about Poloo, Nkati3 cake,
Agbeli kaklo, Kube cake, Bamfo bisi and the rest. The best way to get this experience is with great old friends who still remember “by the fireside” and the “Kweku ananse” stories.
Miloqal is a Ghanaian brand, projecting the Ghanaian culture. How? By serving you with our very own local snacks and drinks. Remember Asaana, sobolo and pito? Miloqal has it all. So, when you think of organizing an event and you want a touch of local snacks, you know where to look.

Phone: 0242711235 / 0234086992

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