What don’t women understand about men?

Here’s a typical situation.

They stop to fill up the car. Man goes into the shop to pay, comes out with a bag of salt & vinegar crisps.

Her thought process:

He knows I don’t like salt & vinegar. He knows I would have preferred pepper, or even peanuts. Why? What did I do wrong? Is he angry with me? He can’t still be angry over what I said about his mom’s new hairdo, can he? It was two months ago! Or is he thinking about some other woman? He said there was a new girl at his office. She’s probably thinner than I am. That’s why he didn’t buy anything for me. He wants me to get slimmer. I shouldn’t have eaten that bar of chocolate last week. Maybe he’ll sleep with her unless I get slimmer. The bastard!

His thought process:

Crisps. Yum.

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