“Wo de woto 3reb) adwe” Cracking nuts with your arse

Let’s take a stroll on the vast lands, where the explorers have not yet conquered. Imagine the many different things you can achieve when you explore. For each explorer has a story to tell, not with the lips but by the places we leave a mark. The world awaits the coming of fresh minds, the powerful voices and the ones crazy enough to redefine the rules but you are probably too busy overthinking the opinions of others “3na wo de woto 3reb) adwe”

Wait a minute! You’ve been waiting a minute your entire life for the right moment. Wait a little more and you will end up like…

Wait some more and you will talk yourself out of it. There isn’t any other perfect time to start than this very moment. Cook up that thing that itches inside of you and make a difference. Life only gets complicated if you allow it. What point do you make by burying that which makes you unique among billions? Let yourself go; leave your mark!

By Emmanuel Ossom


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