Your Dreams Deserve To Live

Your dreams deserve to live.

Give yourself a chance to believe you actually can.

And if you can’t, smile, cause it was worth the try, and that experience was definitely worth it. Possibly a whole lot of fun!

Most often than not, fear gets the best part of us.

We often wonder what people will say.

Whether we will actually get the support we seek.

What will it be like if we failed?

What if we didn’t ?

What if we actually won?

What if our dreams actually came true?

But this we might never know, because we never took the chance.

I believe the essential questions to ask yourself are;

What am I risking?

Do I put my life at risk?

Does it put another person’s life at risk?

Do I hurt my loved ones in the process?

What happens if it doesn’t work out?

What happens if it does?

There you have it.

So breathe in, breathe out and chase those dreams 

Written by: Estella Emefa Akiti – Amaglo

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